Back to School 2021

Accelerate Growth, Deepen Engagement,
and Address Unfinished Learning


Back to School 2021 is All About Positioning Students for Success

Check out our new video for a tour of all our exciting updates that we're building for 2021-22 to accelerate growth, deepen engagement, and address unfinished learning.

A Literacy Acceleration Solution for Grades 2-12

Achieve3000 Literacy will have a brand-new lesson design, rich content updates, more data to inform your decision-making, and powerful customization options.

Brand-New Lesson Experience

For Back to School 2021, the lesson interface is going through a major redesign to provide a richer, more intuitive, more dynamic learning experience.

The new design provides accessibility for every student and gives teachers a greater ability to control and customize lessons.

A Growing Collection of Content!

Some of the exciting updates include:

  • Rich U.S. and World History social studies collections for grades 6-10 to augment your core curriculum
  • More original differentiated fiction, including writing contests!
  • More fresh, culturally relevant content daily offers a rich platform for social-emotional learning

Powerful Data Center

We’ve added important upgrades to our Data Center for teacher and administrators—ranging from new metrics, controls, and filters, to the ability to drill down into data and print any report.

More Customization Tools for Administrators

We know every learning situation is different. We’ve added more tools, so administrators can easily review and select the content their students will see as well as manage their LevelSet™ assessment administration.​

​We’ve also partnered with NWEA, so that you can use your MAP assessment data to set student baseline reading levels.

A Flexible Curriculum Platform for Grades 3-12

Actively Learn will have complete curriculum units for ELA, science, and social studies; new culminating activities and assessments; new question types; and a design upgrade! Click the player on the left to watch a short video with more information about what's coming.

Complete Curriculum

Standards-aligned, sequenced assignments cover a full year of instructional content for science, social studies, and ELA for grades 3-12.

New Culminating Activities and Assessments

To ensure that your students cover ELA speaking/listening/writing standards, NGSS performance expectations, and social studies historical thinking skills, we’re adding new culminating activities and assessments.

New Question Types

New question types like matching and drawing items embedded in lessons will offer a more interactive experience and allow students to demonstrate their understanding in more rigorous ways.

New Design

We’re updating the look and feel of the catalog and student reader to improve navigation and usability.

A Mathematics Acceleration Solution for Grades K-12

Achieve3000 Math will have thousands of powerful, personalized videos to support students at point-of-use, even broader coverage of standards, more data and customization tools, and a partnership with Desmos.

New Videos for Truly Personalized Learning

Math instruction has never been more personalized. Thousands of clear, concise videos have been added in which real teachers walk students through the exact problem they’re trying to solve.

Expanded Coverage of Standards

We’re adding thousands of new items and covering even more standards for Math.

Richer Data and More Customization

You asked; we listened! Teachers will now have greater control of their data, increased access to reports, including several new ones, and the ability to export data whenever and however they need to.

New Partnership with Desmos

We’re partnering with Desmos to make math problems with graphs as easy and intuitive to understand as possible.

A Foundational Literacy Solution for Grades PreK-2

Smarty Ants will have a new end-of-year assessment, a new Data Center for teachers, and a new integration with Google Classroom!

New End of Year Assessment

To help you understand your students’ literacy growth, we’re introducing a personalized, end-of-year assessment similar to the one students take at the start of the school year.

New Data Center

We want teachers and administrators to have full access to the information they need, so we’re building a Data Center that will offer at-a-glance metrics and the ability to drill down for more information.

New Integration with Google Classroom

Smarty Ants will now work with Google Classroom!

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