Funding Sources

Achieve3000 solutions align to the academic achievement requirements of major funding sources like Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) by providing a patented methodology for adaptive, differentiated instruction and displaying evidence of efficacy with easy to use reports about students’ progress for teachers and educational leaders. Family engagement and teacher preparation are critical factors in student success and a requirement for federal funding, which is why we provide family resources, on-demand training, and professional learning services. Here is an overview of the primary streams of ESSA funding with details about how our solutions will help you reach your federal funding goals. You may be eligible for software and training cost reimbursement through state and federal funding and grants.



Supports family engagement in education, and ensures that every child has an education that helps them reach long-term success.

As the leading literacy platform in blended learning programs today, Achieve3000 is committed to helping states, local education agencies, districts, and schools provide ALL students with access to challenging state academic standards-aligned curriculum.

There can be many reasons why you might want to increase your focus on literacy instruction: as part of an overall school-improvement initiative, an effort to reduce the number of long-term ELLs, or to provide enrichment and remediation opportunities during out-of-school hours. Whatever the reason, our core literacy platform and solutions for foundational literacy and core instruction can deliver the results you need to access and engage several of ESSA’s funding mechanisms.


Title I

Provides financial assistance to schools with a high percentage of children from low-income families.

Our evidence-based and proven effective core platform is the perfect solution for schools and districts looking for a systemic approach to improving student outcomes by engaging parents and families, encouraging students to read during out-of-school time, accelerating literacy growth, and giving ALL students an equal chance for literary success.


Title II

Provides financial assistance to improve the quality and quantity of teachers and principals in school systems.

Support and professional development for educators across every content area—and not just ELA/Reading teachers—are at the core of every Achieve3000 implementation. Our professional learning services go beyond “product training” with a focus on best practices for literacy instruction. Robust reports and key metrics available through the free Leadership Edition dashboard help administrators and educators monitor implementation health, track student progress, use data to drive instruction, and predict student performance on state assessment and college and career readiness.


Title III

Provides schools with financial assistance to advance the education of English language learners, giving them the same academic opportunities as all students.

Access is our core literacy solution, featuring language scaffolds in Pro, and our customized solution for ELLs. It’s used by 25% of Achieve3000’s customers to increase the number of ELLs who attain the English language skills and content area knowledge to join general education courses. In fact, our National Lexile Study shows that ELL students who hit quality and quantity targets achieve more than 3X their expected Lexile growth over the course of a single school year.


Title IV

Provides schools with financial assistance and grants for after-school programs and other extended learning beyond the standard school day.

Achieve3000’s platform is accessible from anytime, anywhere, from any device. Our National Lexile Study shows more than 3X the expected Lexile growth for students who logged in after school and hit quality and quantity targets.