Adult Literacy

By accelerating their literacy gains, adult learners can achieve career and workforce growth, read and write to family members, and serve their communities as more informed citizens. Adult literacy programming requires a learning environment like Spark3000 that offers flexibility, reliability, and respectful content and tasks so adult learners can make the most of their limited time.


Lesson Collections for Adult Learners

Spark3000 reaches students at their individual reading levels, drives progress continually, and provides adult literacy educators with simple but rigorous instructional resources that they can integrate within a range of settings and programs. Spark3000 offers a special lesson collection designed for adult learners that covers topics in civics, government, economics, workforce readiness, and career exploration.


Tracking Student Progress

All Spark3000 content and reports are aligned to NRS/EFF, CASAS, and state standards. In addition, we automatically notify instructors when students have progressed enough to re-take TABE or CASAS.


Support for English Learners of All Levels

Adult ELLs can use Spark3000 with partial or full Spanish supports. Based on learners’ English language Lexile/reading levels, Spark3000 enables adult ELLs to work independently and make significant and steady gains.


Adult Literacy in Action: