Overcome Learning Loss with Summer Intensive

This proven intervention solution qualifies for COVID relief K-12 funding.


This summer, help students who have suffered learning loss due to COVID and other issues make up for lost time with this customizable, rapid-intervention solution.

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Summer Intensive leverages the power of Achieve3000 Literacy for use in your structured summer school program.

Accelerate Learning Growth and Close Gaps

Summer Intensive's unique combination of differentiated instruction and blended learning engages students, empowers educators, and dramatically accelerates reading gains.

Features include:

  • Interesting, timely new lessons to motivate and inspire students
  • Customizable lesson collections that align with instructional needs
  • Ability to pre-test and post-test to measure student reading levels
  • Access to detailed, real-time reporting, including a full skills report
  • Specialized teacher materials, such as planning and pacing guides
  • A wide range of customizable professional learning packages

Engage All Your Students in Summer Learning

Whether your students are struggling with foundational literacy, trying to strengthen their reading and writing skills, or building their content knowledge, Summer Intensive is the solution for them. It meets students at their individual reading level and takes them where they need to go.



Here’s how it works:

  • An initial Lexile® assessment places students in the program and provides educators with key data; ongoing embedded assessments monitor performance; a post-test measures progress
  • Summer Intensive offers a flexible curriculum featuring customizable, high-interest, culturally responsive lessons that align with your state’s standards for science, social studies, and ELA
  • Students will have access to more than 15,000 articles, each of which is differentiated to 12 Lexile levels in English and 8 in Spanish
  • Targeted instructional supports and scaffolds for struggling readers and English learners ensure equitable access to daily differentiated instruction and independent practice for all students
  • Foundational literacy instruction is provided via Smarty Ants® for students who need more practice with the basic components of reading, such as phonics and fluency

Share an Extensive Collection of Content

Students will have access to Achieve3000 Literacy’s entire library of interesting, timely, culturally relevant fiction and nonfiction content. That’s 15,000+ lessons you can customize by theme or to match student interests. Plus, new content will be added weekly.

Support Educators, Leaders, and Families

Summer Intensive gives educators and school and district leaders everything they need to support struggling readers. The program is designed to maximize teacher effectiveness, minimize planning time and administrative tasks, and strengthen the home-school connection.




Available in English and Spanish, Summer Intensive offers:

✔ Instructional materials, lesson plans, pacing guides, and other resources

✔ Handy, built-in instructional materials, resources, and recommendations

✔ Access to powerful reporting tools, including a comprehensive skills report

✔ Flexible professional learning services, including on-site and virtual options

✔ A special Home Edition to keep families involved in their children's learning

Choose From Three Professional Learning Options

This summer, our learning partners can choose from three different professional learning packages, ranging from simple support sessions to a more intensive, highly focused approach that includes teacher training and modeling. Resources are available to help novice teachers and paraprofessionals with literacy instruction, including planning and pacing templates, instructional videos, and vocabulary resources.


Silver - Enrich (light support)

With this grab and go package, you can use our resource site all summer long. Includes planning, training, and support.


Gold - Customized (standard support)

With this flexible package, you can customize your focus. Includes everything in the Silver package plus help building and assigning lesson collections.


Platinum - Focused (heavy support)

With this collaborative package, our team will work with yours to design and monitor program use. Includes everything in the Gold package plus pacing plans, lesson plans, and ongoing monitoring and feedback.

Achieve3000 Literacy Summer Activity Challenge

Do your students need extra motivation this summer? If so, you’re in luck, because any student who participates in Summer Intensive is also eligible for our Summer Activity Challenge. This national contest offers exciting weekly prizes, and six grand prize winners will receive an iPad.