Guaranteed Results

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Achieve3000 Acceleration Guarantee

We are committed to providing students with accelerated literacy growth and stand behind our proven-effective Achieve3000 Literacy solution. When students in a school complete an average of at least 40 lessons over the course of the school year with an average first-try score of 75% or more on the activities, we guarantee 2X expected reading gains on the Lexile® scale for that school. Schools that follow these guidelines but do not achieve 2X reading gains will be entitled to one full year of Achieve3000 Literacy at no charge for that school.


About Our Guarantee

Achieve3000 Literacy can calculate every student's expected rate of growth with MetaMetrics’® proprietary forecasting algorithm that takes into account a student's current Lexile measure and the length of time between their beginning- and end-of-year assessments. In Achieve3000 Literacy, students read content that is matched to their reading abilities; i.e. the content is not too easy but also not so challenging as to cause frustration and impede comprehension. At this optimal level of challenge, the Lexile Framework® predicts that a student’s comprehension will be 75%. When students reach this level of comprehension, the system raises a student’s Lexile measure, reflecting growth in reading ability. Accelerated growth is defined as any growth above what is expected, based on MetaMetrics’ data. Our research and analyses demonstrate that students experience two or more times their expected growth when using Achieve3000 Literacy in their science, social studies, and English language arts classes.

Terms and Conditions

The Achieve3000 Customer Guarantee applies to schools in the United States who use Achieve3000 Literacy for a full school year. Students whose scores will be included in measuring student reading gains on the Lexile® reading scale are those who: (i) took valid LevelSet pre-test in the fall semester, (ii) are associated with a class, (iii) whose Lexile® level was not subject to manual adjustment at any point in the school year, and (iv) who read texts in English. The school’s overall average first-try score is calculated by taking the mean of each student’s average first-try scores for all completed activities included for purposes of Lexile measurement. 2X reading gains occur when students’ Lexile scores have grown between the LevelSet Pre-Test administered at the beginning of the school year and their end-of-year Lexile measurement at twice the expected rate of growth for that period. The expected rate of growth for the period is determined by the forecasting algorithm developed by MetaMetrics®. In order to trigger a guarantee request, a school must submit a request to our Customer Support team.